Topic Name Description
Page Lecture Schedule
Topic 1 Page Meaning of Extension Education
Page Why Extension
Page Why study Extension
Page Definitions
Page Scope of Extension Education
Page Scope/Importance of Agricultural Extension
Topic 2 Page Objective of Extension Education
Page The general and Major objectives of extension education
Page Principles of Extension Education
Page Origin
Topic 3 Page Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP)
Page Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI)
Page Indian Institute of Horticultural Research(IIHR)
Page Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR)
Page Indian Institute of Vegetable Research(IIVR)
Topic 4 Page National Horticulture Board (NHB)
Page National Horticulture Mission (NHM)
Page National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF)
Topic 5 Page Meaning of Rural Development
Page Definition of Rural Development
Page Objectives of Rural Development
Page The genesis of rural development
Topic 6 Page Integrated Rural Development Programme concept (IRDP)
Page National Rural Employment Programmes (NREP)
Page Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY) 1979
Topic 7 Page Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment (TRYSEM)
Page Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA)
Page Intensive Agricultural Development Programme (IADP)
Page Intensive Agriculture Area Programme (IAAP)
Page Community Development Programme
Topic 8 Page Community development programme
Page Post Independence era: Firka Development Project
Page High yielding variety programme (HYVP)
Topic 9 Page Lab to land Programme (LLP)
Page Broad objectives of the programme
Page Criteria for selection of participating farm family
Page Organization
Page Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK)
Topic 10 Page National Demonstration (ND)
Page Front Line Demonstration(FLD)
Page Technology assessment and refinement programme (TARP)
Topic 11 Page Meaning of Communication
Page Defination of Communication
Page Elements of Communication
Page Message
Page Channel
Page Treatment of Message
Page Audience
Page Audience Responses
Page Model of Communication
Topic 12 Page Meaning of Audio-Visual aids
Page Importance of Audio-Visual AIDS
Page Classification of Audio visual Aids
Page Selection of Audio visual aids
Topic 13 Page Meaning
Page Programme Planning Defination
Topic 14 Page Scope and objectives of programme planning
Page Principles of Programme Planning
Page Steps in programme planning
Topic 15 Page Definition
Page Purpose of Evaluation
Page Evaluate Programme Management
Page Evaluate Programme Results
Page Contribution to Evaluation
Page Evaluation Principles
Page Importance of Extension Evaluation
Page Characteristics of Evaluation
Topic 16 Page Participatory rural appraisal (PRA)
Page Sources of PRA
Page Definition of PRA
Page Scope of PRA
Page PRA methods
Page Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) and Ecological Methods For Community Based Agro Forest (AF) Research
Topic 17 Page Management definitions
Page Principles of management
Page Functions of Management
Page Meaning of administration
Page Basic principles of administration
Page Functions of administration
Topic 18 Page Human Resource Development(HRD)
Page Leadership
Page Roles of leadership
Page Qualities or traits of leader
Topic 19 Page Acknowledgement