Topic Name Description
Topic 1 Page Introduction
Page Definitions
Page Scope
Page Functions
Page Need for public awareness
Page References
Topic 2 Page Introduction
Page Uses of forests
Page Functions of forests
Page Deforestation
Page Causes of deforestation
Page Environmental effects /Consequences of deforestation
Page Effect of deforestation on tribal people
Page Dams and forests
Page Case study & displacement
Page References
Topic 3 Page Introduction
Page Sources Of Water
Page Floods
Page Droughts
Page Consequences of drought
Page Benefits and disadvantages of dams
Page Case study
Page References
Page Additional information
Topic 4 Page Introduction
Page Process of mining
Page Uses of minerals
Page Environmental effects
Page References
Topic 5 Page Introduction
Page Changes caused by agriculture and overgrazing
Page Fertilizer and pesticide problem
Page Effects of Modern Agriculture
Page Water logging and salinity
Page References
Topic 6 Page Introduction
Page Growing energy demands
Page Classification of Energy
Page Non-renewable energy sources
Page Renewable energy resources
Page Solar energy
Page Wind Energy
Page Ocean
Page Hydel
Page Tidal power
Page Biomass
Page References
Topic 7 Page Land as a resource
Page Land degradation
Page Causes for land degradation
Page Soil erosion
Page Factors affecting erosion
Page Landslide
Page Desertification
Page References
Page Additional information
Topic 8 Page Introduction
Page Biosphere
Page Hydrosphere
Page Atmosphere
Page Definition
Page Concept of an ecosystem
Page Structure of an Ecosystem
Page Functions of an ecosystem
Page References
Topic 9 Page Introduction
Page Autotrophs or producers
Page Heterotrophs or consumers
Page Decomposers or detrivores
Page References
Topic 10 Page Introduction
Page Hydrological cycle
Page Gaseous cycle
Page Oxygen cycle
Page Nitrogen cycle
Page Sedimentary Cycle
Page Sulphur cycle
Page References
Topic 11 Page Introduction
Page Ecological Succession
Page References
Topic 12 Page Food chain
Page Grazing food chain
Page Detritus food chain
Page Food web
Page Trophic level
Page Ecological/food pyramids
Page Pyramid of numbers
Page Pyramids of biomass
Page Pyramids of energy
Page References
Topic 13 Page Introduction
Page Natural ecosystems
Page Artificial ecosystems
Page Terrestrial ecosystems
Page Forest Utilization
Page Grassland ecosystem
Page Types of grasslands in India
Page Desert ecosystem
Page Use of Desert ecosystem
Page Aquatic Ecosystems
Page Freshwater ecosystems
Page Pond ecosystem(Lentic)
Page Lake ecosystem
Page Stream and river ecosystems (lotic)
Page Marine ecosystem
Page Estuarine ecosystem
Page Seashore ecosystems
Page Uses of aquatic ecosystems
Page References
Topic 14 Page Introduction
Page Definitions
Page Genetic diversity
Page Species diversity
Page Ecosystem diversity
Page Physically the massive country is divided into four well defined regions
Page Value of biodiversity:
Page Habitat loss
Page Poaching of wild life
Page Man-wildlife conflicts
Page Conservation of biodiversity
Page Ex-situ Conservation
Page References
Page Additional Information
Topic 15 Page Pollution
Page Types of pollution
Page Air pollution
Page Classification of air pollutants
Page Sources of air pollution
Page Effects of air pollution
Page Effects of air pollution on living organisms
Page Effects of air pollution on plants
Page Effects of air pollution on materials
Page Control measures
Page At macro level
Page Case study
Page References
Page Additional information
Topic 16 Page Introduction
Page Sources of water pollution
Page Causes of water pollution
Page Ground water pollution
Page Health impact of water pollution
Page Preventive measures
Page Control measures of water pollution
Page Case study
Page References
Topic 17 Page Introduction
Page Soil profile
Page Characteristics of soil
Page Causes of soil degradation
Page Excess use of fertilizers
Page Problems with pesticide use
Page Excess salts and water
Page Control measures
Page References
Page Additional information
Topic 18 Page Introduction
Page Difference between sound and noise pollution
Page Causes of noise pollution
Page Impact of pollution on health
Page Noise control at source
Page Noise control at path
Page Nose Control at receiver
Page References
Page Additional information
Topic 19 Page Introduction
Page Definition
Page Effects of marine pollution
Page Solution for marine pollution
Page References
Page Additional Information
Topic 20 Page Introduction
Page Causes / sources
Page Effects
Page Control measures
Page Nuclear hazards
Page Causes / sources
Page Degree of damage
Page Effects
Page Control measures
Page References
Topic 21 Page Introduction
Page What is solid waste
Page Solid waste management
Page Causes of solid waste
Page Effects
Page Impacts of solid waste on health
Page Control measures of urban & industrial waste
Page Recycling
Page Disposal
Page Segregation
Page Case study
Page References
Topic 22 Page Introduction
Page Conservatio
Page Aims of conservation
Page Saving energy and reducing outdoor air pollution
Page Reduce the exposure to indoor air pollutants
Page Reducing water pollution
Page Reducing solid waste & hazardous wastes
Page Individual Responsibilities towards conservation of resources and protection of environment
Page References
Topic 23 Page Introduction
Page Definitions
Page Types
Page Droughts and floods
Page Earthquakes
Page Impact of disasters
Page Disaster management and mitigation
Page Mitigation
Page Main elements of a Mitigation Strategy
Page Floods and mitigation measures
Page Earthquakes and mitigation measures
Page Cyclones and mitigation measures
Page Landslides and mitigation measure
Page References
Topic 24 Page Sustainable development
Page Salient features of sustainable developmentt
Page Sustainable development indicators – India
Page Measures to maintain sustainable development
Page Environmental issues
Page References
Topic 25 Page Water scarcity issues
Page Rain water harvesting
Page Artificial recharge to ground water
Page Advantages of rain water harvesting
Page Rain water harvesting techniques
Page Methods of rain water harvesting
Page Water shed management
Page Why water shed management is important?
Page The main objectives of the program/wsm
Page Steps involved in watershed management
Page Suggestions for effective watershed management
Page Some key steps in watershed management
Page References
Topic 26 Page Resettlement and rehabilitation of people
Page Reasons behind displacement of people
Page What is resettlement and rehabilitation
Page Role played by government
Page Role played by world bank
Page Problems related to resettlement of people
Page Rehabilitation policy
Page Environmental ethics: issues and possible solutions
Page References
Topic 27 Page Climate
Page Global warming
Page Acid rain
Page Effects of acid rain
Page Control measures
Page Ozone layer depletion
Page Green house effect
Page Causes of greenhouse effect
Page Nuclear accidents and nuclear holocaust
Page Measures to over come
Page References
Topic 28 Page Introduction
Page Types of wastelands
Page Need for wasteland development
Page Process of wasteland development
Page Consumerism and waste products
Page Reduce, reuse, and recycle
Page References
Topic 29 Page Introduction
Page The environment (protection) act
Page The air (prevention and control of pollution) act
Page The water (prevention and control of pollution) act
Page The wildlife protection act
Page Forest conservation act
Page Functions and powers of the pollution control boards
Page Issues involved in enforcement of environmental legislation
Page Environment impact assessment
Page Public awareness
Page Using environmental calendar of activities
Page References
Topic 30 Page Introduction
Page Population Growth
Page Causes of rapid population growth
Page The consequences of rapid population growth
Page Variations among nations
Page Population of India
Page Population Explosion
Page Family welfare programmes
Page Actions and strategies that can be developed to solve these problems
Page Women and child welfare programmes
Page Schemes of the department
Page Integrated child development services scheme
Page Objectives of ICDS
Page Services
Page References
Topic 31 Page Introduction
Page Types of diseases
Page Risks due to chemicals in food
Page Human rights
Page Equity
Page Nutrition, health and human rights
Page IPRS and CBRS
Page Universal declaration of Human Rights
Page Value education
Page HIV/Aids
Page HIV/AIDS Transmission
Page HIV/AIDS Symptoms
Page Prevention
Page References
Topic 32 Page Information technology in Environmental management
Page Advantages of information technology
Page Role of information technology on Human health
Page Individual in the conservation of Natural Resources
Page The Role of Environmental Technology
Page Categories of Natural Resources
Page The Role of the Individual
Page Recycling for the Future
Page How can we protect our environment at individual level
Page References