Week Name Description
28 February - 6 March Page Introduction
Page Infancy
Page Toddlers
Page Preschool children
Page Adolescent
Page Old Age
Page Pregnant Women
Page Lactation
Page References
7 March - 13 March Page Introduction
Page Attention Disorders
Page Autism
Page Down Syndrome
Page Epilepsy
Page Muscular Dystrophy
Page Reference
14 March - 20 March Page Introduction
Page Feeding the Mentally Challenged
Page Cerebral Palsy
Page References
21 March - 27 March Page Introduction
Page Socio Economic Status of Women
Page Nutritional Status of Women
Page References
28 March - 3 April Page Introduction
Page Causes of Maternal Deaths
Page Infant Mortality
Page Optimal Needs for Reproductive Performance
Page References
4 April - 10 April Page Introduction
Page Nutrient Requirements
Page References
11 April - 17 April Page Introduction
Page Physiological Changes During Pregnancy
Page References
18 April - 24 April Page Impact of Mother’s Nutritional Status on Fetus
Page Maternal Weight
Page Reference
25 April - 1 May Page Problems in Pregnancy
Page Morning Sickness
Page Constipation
Page Over Weight
Page Anaemia
Page Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (Toxaemia)
Page Diabetes Mellitus
Page Oedema and Cramps
Page Heart Burn
Page Food Cravings and Aversion
Page References
2 May - 8 May Page Introduction
Page Nutritional Requirements During Pregnancy
Page Other Nutrients
Page References
9 May - 15 May Page Nutrients for Bone Development
Page Dietary Guidelines
Page Impact of Nutritional Deficiency on Pregnancy
Page References
16 May - 22 May Page Introduction
Page Maternal Health & Infant Health
Page Parenteral Feeding
Page Complications
Page Adolescent Needs and Prenatal Care
Page Nutritional Care
Page References
23 May - 29 May Page Introduction
Page Maternal Health & Infant Health
Page Diabetes in Pregnancy
Page Gestational Diabetes
Page Hypertension in Pregnancy
Page References
30 May - 5 June Page Introduction
Page Role of Hormones
Page Factors Affecting the Composition and Volume of Breast Milk
Page Reference
6 June - 12 June Page Nutritional Requirements
Page Water
Page Energy
Page Protein
Page Lipids
Page Vitamins and Minerals
Page Dietary Guidelines
Page Reference
13 June - 19 June Page Introduction
Page Growth and Development During Infancy
Page Readiness of the Gastro Intestinal Tract
Page Readiness of the Renal System
Page References
20 June - 26 June Page Nutrient Requirement for Infants
Page Energy
Page Protein
Page Carbohydrates
Page Fat
Page Water
Page Vitamins
Page Minerals
Page Feeding the Infant
Page References
27 June - 3 July Page Breast Feeding
Page Colostrum
Page Advantages of Breast Feeding
Page Advantages to Mother
Page Artificial Feeding
Page Reference
4 July - 10 July Page Introduction
Page Need for Weaning
Page Types of Supplementary Foods
Page Points to be Considered in Introducing Weaning Foods
Page Problems in Weaning
Page Reference
11 July - 17 July Page Introduction
Page Preterm Infants
Page Nutrient Needs
Page References
18 July - 24 July Page Introduction
Page Feeding the Preterm Infant
Page Parenteral Nutrition
Page References
25 July - 31 July Page Introduction
Page Growth and Development
Page Nutrient Needs During Childhood
Page Reference
1 August - 7 August Page Introduction
Page Dietary Guidelines
Page Eating Problems
Page Reference
8 August - 14 August Page Introduction
Page Growth and Development
Page Psychological Development
Page Nutrient Needs
Page References
15 August - 21 August Page Food Habits
Page Nutrition Related Problems During Adolescence
Page References
22 August - 28 August Page Introduction
Page Physiological Changes
Page Body Composition
Page The Immune System
Page Reference
29 August - 4 September Page The Gastro Intestinal Tract
Page Tooth Loss
Page The Sensory System
Page Reference
5 September - 11 September Page Introduction
Page Nutrient Needs During Old Age
Page Energy
Page Protein
Page Carbohydrate
Page Water
Page Vitamins
Page Minerals
Page Suggested Dietary Modifications for the Elderly
Page Reference
12 September - 18 September Page Introduction
Page Benefits of Good Nutrition for Sports Persons
Page Nutritional Needs of Sports Persons
Page References
19 September - 25 September Page Nutrient Timings
Page Importance of Water
Page The 3 Principles of Sports Nutrition
Page Common Causes of Dehydration in Athletes
Page References
26 September - 2 October Page Introduction
Page Body Composition Changes
Page References
3 October - 9 October Page Other Effects and Risks
Page Motion Sickness
Page Orthostatic Intolerance
Page Ionizing Radiation
Page Space Osteoporosis
Page Malnutrition in Space
Page Dietary Intake During Spaceflight
Page References
10 October - 16 October Page Introduction
Page Nutritional Requirements for Different Activities
Page References
17 October - 23 October Page Introduction
Page Nutrient Requirements
Page General Guidelines & Hydration
Page Hot & Cold Environments
Page High Altitude
Page MREs
Page Reference
24 October - 30 October Page Introduction
Page Extent of Injury (Physical Destruction of Skin)
Page Classification for Depth of Burns
Page First-Degree (Superficial) Burns
Page Second-Degree (Partial Thickness) Burns
Page Third-Degree (Full Thickness) Burns
Page References
31 October - 6 November Page Treatment
Page Metabolic Aberrations
Page Alterations in Nutritional Requirements
Page References
7 November - 13 November Page Nutritional Requirements
Page Guidelines for Feeding
Page Beneficial Effects of Post Burn Early Enteral Nutrition
Page References
14 November - 20 November Page Introduction
Page Causes of Cancer Cell Development
Page Types of Cancer
Page Other Classification
Page Carcinoma
Page Sarcoma
Page Leukemias
Page Lymphomas
Page References
21 November - 27 November Page Impact of Tumor on Host Metabolism
Page Systemic Effects of Cancer
Page References
28 November - 4 December Page Nutrition for People with Cancer
Page Ways to Get the Nutrients
Page Treatment
Page Surgery
Page Radiation Therapy
Page Chemotherapy
Page Reference
5 December - 11 December Page The Endocrine Response to Surgery
Page The Stress Response to Trauma and Surgery
Page Physiologic Responses to Surgery
Page Different Types of Surgery
Page Classification of Surgical Diseases
Page Surgery and Nutritional Care
Page Key Concepts
Page Preoperative Nutritional Care
Page Post Operative Nutritional Care
Page Methods of Feeding
Page References
12 December - 18 December Page Introduction
Page Systemic Response to Injury
Page The Tissue Response to Trauma
Page Granulation and Remodeling
Page References
19 December - 25 December Page Essential Nutrients for Wound Healing
Page Malnutrition in Trauma Patients
Page Complications of Trauma
Page References
26 December - 1 January Page Definition and Introduction
Page Causes of Sepsis
Page Inflammatory Response
Page References
2 January - 8 January Page Diagnosis
Page Complications
Page Metabolic Changes in Sepsis
Page Gut Metabolism and Role of Glutamine
Page Role of Nutrients in Recovery
Page References
9 January - 15 January Page Introduction
Page Human Immune Deficiency Virus Infection
Page What does HIV look like?
Page Target Cells
Page Effects of HIV Infection
Page Modes of Transmission
Page References
16 January - 22 January Page Course of the Infection
Page Nutritional Status of HIV Infected Patients
Page Importance of Malnutrition and Wasting in HIV/AIDS
Page References
23 January - 29 January Page Relationship Between Nutrition, HIV and the Immune System
Page Factors Affecting Nutritional Status in HIV
Page Nutrient Requirements
Page Energy
Page Protein
Page HIV and Water Soluble Vitamins
Page Micronutrients and HIV
Page WHO Recommendations
Page Feeding a HIV Positive Patient
Page References