Week Name Description
28 February - 6 March Page Introduction
Page Nutritional status and disease
Page Common deficiency diseases
Page Macronutrient deficiency diseases
Page Icronutrient deficiency diseases
Page Micronutrient deficiency diseases
Page Mineral Deficiency Diseases
Page References
7 March - 13 March Page Introduction
Page Pathogenesis of Nutritional deficiency diseases
Page A nutritional inadequacy
Page Nutrient reserves
Page Release of nutrients
Page Tissue depletion
Page Biochemical lesions
Page Functional changes
Page Anatomic lesions
Page Diagnosis of nutritional deficiency
Page References
14 March - 20 March Page Introduction
Page Classification
Page Marasmus
Page Kwashiorkor
Page Marasmic kwashiorkor
Page References
21 March - 27 March Page Hormonal changes in PEM
Page Cardiovascular and renal functions in PEM
Page Nutritional support
Page References
28 March - 3 April Page Introduction
Page Vitamin A deficiency
Page Clinical and pathological effects
Page References
4 April - 10 April Page Vitamin A deficiency and immunocompetence
Page Vitamin A deficiency and infection
Page Indicators
Page The relative dose response (RDR) assay
Page Conjunctival impression cytology
Page Dark adaptation threshold
Page References
11 April - 17 April Page Introduction
Page Causes
Page Screening for Iron deficiency
Page Consequences of iron deficiency anemia
Page Work performance
Page Anemia and immunity
Page Clinical Features
Page Iron Deficiency Symptoms
Page Hemoglobin cut off points used to define anemia
Page References
18 April - 24 April Page Introduction
Page Functions
Page Deficiency
Page Gradation of iodine deficiency disorders (WHO/UNICEF, 1992)
Page Reasons Requirement and recommended dietary intakes
Page References
25 April - 1 May Page Introduction
Page Different organs and diseases
Page Diagnostic Procedures
Page Radiography
Page Endoscopy
Page Secretory studies
Page Absorptive Studies
Page Per oral Biopsy
Page References
2 May - 8 May Page Introduction
Page Disease of Oesophagus
Page Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Page Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Page References
9 May - 15 May Page Dispepsia
Page Peptic Ulcer
Page Aetiology
Page Symptoms and Clinical Findings
Page Diagnosis
Page Treatment
Page Drugs
Page References
16 May - 22 May Page Lactose tolerance test
Page Causes of lactose intolerance
Page Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Page Etiology
Page Clinical Symptoms
Page Management
Page Short Bowel Syndrome
Page References
23 May - 29 May Page Dumping Syndrome
Page Dumping Syndrome figure
Page Disaccharide Intolerance
Page References
30 May - 5 June Page Diverticulosis
Page Malabsorptive Syndrome
Page Risk factors for malabsorption syndrome
Page Causes and symptoms
Page Tropical sprue
Page References
6 June - 12 June Page Introduction
Page Types of Diarrhoea
Page Causes of diarrhoea
Page Symptoms of diarrhoea
Page References
13 June - 19 June Page Constipation
Page Certain factors which could lead to constipation are
Page Symptoms associated with constipation
Page Classification
Page Spastic constipation
Page Atonic constipation
Page References
20 June - 26 June Page Introduction
Page Functions of the Liver
Page Three pathological changes may follow damage to the liver namely
Page Major Agents responsible for liver damage
Page Viral Hepatitis
Page Common symptoms of liver disease
Page Common symptoms of liver disease
Page Diagnosis
Page References
27 June - 3 July Page Introduction
Page Types Of Cirrhosis
Page Causes
Page Clinical symptoms
Page Complications of cirrhosis include
Page Portal Hypertension
Page Causes of Portal Hypertension
Page References
4 July - 10 July Page Hepatic Encephalopathy
Page Hepatic Coma
Page Hepato renal syndrome
Page References
11 July - 17 July Page Cholecystitis
Page Types of Cholecystitis
Page Cholelithiasis
Page References
18 July - 24 July Page Introduction
Page Classsification
Page Acute pancreatitis
Page Clinical features
Page Chronic relapsing pancreatitis
Page References
25 July - 31 July Page Introduction
Page Causes
Page Symptoms
Page Lungs with COPD
Page Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT)
Page References
1 August - 7 August Page Introduction
Page Role of hormones on blood glucose
Page Classification
Page References
8 August - 14 August Page Clinical Symptoms
Page Diagnosis
Page References
15 August - 21 August Page Glycosylated Hemoglobin A 1C
Page Diabetic Complications
Page Insulin
Page References
22 August - 28 August Page Introduction
Page Atherosclerosis
Page Risk factors for cardiovascular disease
Page Lipo proteins
Page Apo proteins
Page References
29 August - 4 September Page Role of Nutrients in preventing atherosclerosis
Page The major enzymes used for diagnosis
Page Creatine phosphokinase (CPK)
Page Glutamic Oxalacetic Transaminase (GOT)
Page Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)
Page Congestive Heart Failure
Page References
5 September - 11 September Page Definition
Page High Blood Pressure Overview
Page Causes of High Blood Pressure
Page References
12 September - 18 September Page Introduction
Page Functions of the Kidney
Page Nephritis
Page Symptoms of Nephritis
Page Causes of Nephritis
Page Urinary calculi
Page References
19 September - 25 September Page Introduction
Page Types of renal failure
Page Dialysis
Page Principle
Page Haemodialysis
Page Peritoneal dialysis
Page References
26 September - 2 October Page Introduction
Page Causes of cancer cell development
Page Impact of tumor on Host Metabolism
Page Systematic effects of cancer
Page References
3 October - 9 October Page Introduction
Page Physical destruction of skin
Page Metabolic aberrations
Page Alterations in nutritional requirements
Page Nutritional Requirements
Page References