Week Name Description
28 February - 6 March Page Bakery concepts
Page Different types of baked products
Page Quick breads
Page Yeast breads or leavened breads
Page Cakes and biscuits
Page Reasons for the growth of bakery Industry
Page Conclusion&References
7 March - 13 March Page Food ingredients
Page Functional classification
Page Essential ingredients
Page Flour
Page Eggs
Page Fats
Page Sugar
Page Liquids
Page Leavening agents
Page Flavoring Ingredients
Page Optional Ingredients
Page References
14 March - 20 March Page Introduction
Page Flour- selection, properties and specifications
Page Soft Wheat
Page Suitability of flours for bakery products
Page Other Flours
Page Tests to Evaluate Flour Quality
Page Alveograph
Page Milling of wheat to get different grades of flour-flour blends
Page References
21 March - 27 March Page Introduction
Page Effect on product quality
Page Fats and Oils
Page References
28 March - 3 April Page Sweeteners
Page Salt
Page Leavening Agents
Page Chemical leaveners
Page Commonly used leavening acids
Page Moistening Agents
Page References
4 April - 10 April Page Introduction
Page Rice flour
Page Soya flour
Page Millet flour &Corn flour
Page Malt flour & Rye flour
Page Potato flour
Page Other flours
Page References
11 April - 17 April Page Introduction
Page Rheological properties
Page Ingredients Influence Physical Characteristics Of Doughs
Page Common Dough Functionality Tests
Page References
18 April - 24 April Page Introduction
Page Role of ingredients in cookie preparation
Page Techniques of preparation
Page Faults and remedies
Page References
25 April - 1 May Page Introduction
Page Different Types Of Cakes
Page Role Of Ingredients In Cake Making
Page References
2 May - 8 May Page Cake Making Techniques
Page General Precautions In Preparation
Page Cake Faults
Page Cake faults and causes
Page Cake Decoration
Page References
9 May - 15 May Page Introduction
Page Optional Bread Ingredients
Page Mixing Methods
Page Some Terms To Know In Bread Making
Page References
16 May - 22 May Page Bread Quality
Page External characteristics
Page Internal Characteristics
Page Bread Faults, Causes And Remedy
Page Crust
Page Bread shape
Page Staling Of Bread
Page References
23 May - 29 May Page Introduction
Page Types Of Pastry
Page References
30 May - 5 June Page Steps to be followed in good formulae and baking practices
Page Mixing
Page Test for development of gluten
Page Creaming
Page Laying a Tart / Pie
Page Docking / Scoring &Glazing
Page Temperature Control
Page Measuring & Sifting
Page Proofing
Page Retarding (Refrigerating)
Page Molding (Shaping)
Page Preparing to bake
Page Baking & Cooling
Page Finishing and decoration & Storing baked foods
Page Biscuits/ cookies
Page Cakes
Page Pastry
Page Bread
Page Points to consider in bakery formulae
Page References
6 June - 12 June Page Large equipments - selection maintenance
Page Small equipments
Page Small equipments
Page Small equipments
Page References
13 June - 19 June Page Quality evaluation of finished products
Page Importance of hygiene and sanitation
Page Contaminations in bakeries
Page References