Topic outline

  • General

    FRMT 316

    Mahalakshmi. V. Reddy, C.H.Sc,

    Deepa Vinay,C.H.Sc,
    GB Panthnagar

    Rachana Krupaker,SRF, C.H.Sc.,
    ANGRAU, Hyderabad

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the course, students will be enable to learn

    • Create awareness about the materials for covering, treating and finishing interior wall surface
    • Material selection depending on functional character criteria, aesthetics, comfort (lighting, acoustics, visual), and sustainability
    • Identify, formulate and solve problems regarding setting up the materials and finishes from the point of view of the technical possibilities and the project intention
    • Understand the importance of wall elements like doors, windows, ventilators, staircase, fire place and explore features of each element, types, functionality, aesthetics and special effects for different locations.
    • Learn about the hard and soft treatments suitable for windows, factors influencing the choice of treatment, ways of producing different space illusions and solutions for problem areas
    • Prepare the student to select materials for a project and estimate material cost
  • Topic 1

    Wall – A Building Envelope
  • Topic 2

    Materials For External Wall

  • Topic 3

    Materials For Internal Walls

  • Topic 4

    Wall Treatment And Finishes
  • Topic 5

    Interior And Exterior Wall Painting

  • Topic 6

    Interior Wall Covering

  • Topic 7

    Exterior And Interior Wall Ornamentation

  • Topic 8

    Wall Element – Door
  • Topic 9

    Wall Elements: Windows

  • Topic 10

    Wall Element – Ventilators

  • Topic 11

    Wall Element – Staircase

  • Topic 12

    Wall Elements – Built-In Space Storage
  • Topic 13

    Wall Elements – Fireplaces

  • Topic 14

    Exterior And Interior Hard Window Treatments

  • Topic 15

    Soft Treatments For Interiors

  • Topic 16

    Problem Windows And Selection Of Treatments