Topic outline

  • General

    TXAD 312 Principles of Design and Application 3 (1+2)

    Developed by

    Manisha Gahlot, C.H.Sc

    GBPUAT, Pantnagar

    Shailaja Naik, R.H.Sc

    UAS, Dharwad

    Learning Outcomes:

    • By the end of the course the students may
    •  Learn about textile design and different textile structures
    •  Understand about the classification of textile designs
    •  Become familiar with art elements and principles and their application in textile design
    •  Gain knowledge of motifs and patterns
    •  Get familiar with geometry involved in textile design
    •  Understand the effects of yarn, weave, color and finishes on textiles
    •  Gain insight of various methods of producing designs on textiles – dyeing , printing, painting, finishing, embroidery, appliqué
    •  Learn about the traditional motifs and design
    •  Know about the role of design in fashion
    •  Understand the importance and relevance of textile designs for various end uses- apparels, household linens

  • Topic 1

    Textile Design and Different Textile Structures
  • Topic 2

    Classification of Textile Designs
  • Topic 3

    Elements of Design: Line, Shape and Form, Space
  • Topic 4

    Elements of Design: Texture & Color
  • Topic 5

    Principles of Design - Balance and Rhythm
  • Topic 6

    Principles of DesignProportion, Harmony and Emphasis
  • Topic 7

    Definition of Motifs, Pattern and Design
  • Topic 8

    Geometry Involved In Textile Design Development
  • Topic 9

    Effects of Yarn, Weave, Colour and Finishes on Textiles
  • Topic 10

    Methods of Producing Designs on Textiles: Printing, Dyeing & Painting
  • Topic 11

    Methods of Producing Designs on Textiles: Finishing, Embroidery & Applique Work
  • Topic 12

    Traditional Motifs in Relation to Textiles
  • Topic 14

    Textile Designs for Different End Uses: Factors Affecting the Selection of Design
  • Topic 15

    Textile Designs for Apparels: Saris and Dress Materials
  • Topic 16

    Textile Designs for Household Linens