National Organizations Working for the Disabled

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 32 : Organizations Working for the Welfare of the Disabled

National Organizations Working for the Disabled

  1. National Institute of Visually Handicapped (NIVH):
    National Institute for Visually Handicapped, an apex organization in the field of training ,research, vocational guidance and counselling, rehabilitation and providing suitable services located at Dehradun.
    • This institution is also designed to serve as a documentation and information center in the field of visual handicapped.
    • It has a model school for blind – a school for partially sighted children. Training center to for manufacture of Braille appliances, a sheltered workshop.
    • It also organizes courses for teachers for Visually Handicapped at 4 regional centers Delhi, Madras, Bombay and Calcutta.
    • Around 40-50 teachers will be trained in one year.


  2. National Institute of Hearing Handicapped (NIHH):
    The Ali Yuvak National institute for the Hearing Handicapped at Bombay was established in 1982. August with the objective of providing integrated services at National Level had for the Hearing Handicapped. The training center located at Hyderabad for the adult deaf, provides education and vocational training to the partially deaf.

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  4. National Institute of Mentally Handicapped (NIMH):
    It is located at Hyderabad. There are 286 special schools and centers for Mental Retardation are 61 in Karnataka, 51 in Maharashtra, 36 in Kerala and remaining are spread in other parts of the country.
    NIMH is set up in 1984 by Government of India to undertake research, training, and rehabilitation of Mental Retardation with a view to create awareness among the people regarding crucial problem of MR.
    The major activities of the institute include prevention of MR, early detection and training in MR. Creating positive attitude towards MR and removal of misconception and highlights the need for referral services and also provides systemic learning and education to the MR. To achieve these objectives NIMH is engaged in providing literature and audio visual aids in Hindi, English and in other major languages.

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  6. National Institute of Physically/ Orthopedically Handicapped (NIOH NIPH)
    It is located at Calcutta and was started in 1982. The main objectives are to undertake research and training of personnel for the rehabilitation of the orthopedically handicapped. The other objectives of the institution includes rendering services to the handicapped people, promoting and manufacturing aids and appliances. The institute for physically handicapped in New Delhi runs special school and workshop for Orthopedically Handicapped. It also trains physiotherapist and occupational therapist.
    The National Institute for Prosthetic and Orthotic (NIPO) at Olakpur (Solapur) and Cuttack trains people in the field of prosthetic and orthotic programs.
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