Cake Making Techniques


Lesson 10:Cakes

Cake Making Techniques

Sugar batter or creaming method: Fat and sugar added little at a time are creamed together till light and fluffy, and the mixture falls from the spoon with a little jerk. To this beaten egg is added a little at a time and mixed. Fold in flour into the mixture. Milk is used to make up the mixture to drop batter consistency. The mixture is poured in a prepared cake tin and baked.

Flour batter method:Equal quantity of flour and fat are creamed together. The weight of broken eggs and its equivalent weight of sugar is taken. Egg is beaten while adding sugar gradually till it is light and frothy. This is added to creamed mixture lightly avoiding over beating. Sugar, if left over, is made into solution and added to the mixture and the left over flour is folded in. This mixture is put in a prepared cake tin and baked.

Flour sugar batter method: The method is very similar to the flour batter process, with the exception that a solution / mixture of eggs and sugar is made instead of a sponge. This solution is added to the creamed fat and flour in a number of additions (little by little) for the sugar batter method or in a steady stream. The remaining flour is added at the final stage. Milk is used to make up to drop batter consistency

Boiling method:In this method egg and sugar are beaten to a stiff froth over a water bath. In whipping of eggs and sugar, aeration takes place. The fat is melted. The flour is folded in the egg mixture lightly adding melted fat alternatively with flour. The whole mixture is made to drop batter consistency adding water if required. The mixture is poured in prepared cake tin and baked. By this method better volume is achieved than the ordinary sponge method. Also the cake is light, tender, spongy and delicious. It is baked for a short time. This method is suitable for special cakes such as Medeira and Genoese sponge cake. It is not a suitable method for fruit cake because the melted fat is so soft that the fruits may sink to the bottom.

Blending method: It is a simple method and more popularly used in western countries where egg powders are used in the cake formula. This consists of beating together the total quantity of flour, fat, shortening, salt, baking powder, milk, sugar, colour, eggs and essence. It is made with high grade fat and special flour. It is called mixer or blender method where ingredients are added together in mixing machine and blended into a cake batter. Labour and time wise it is an economical method.

Allinhigh speed method: in this method all ingredients are and beaten together. The product may not be very satisfactory.

Continuous cake making method: This method is applicable for large scale production where machines are used for continuous production.

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