Cake faults and causes


Lesson 10:Cakes

Cake faults and causes



Sinking of fruits

  • Weak or insufficient flour.
  • Insufficient egg.
  • Cool oven resulting in slow baking.
  • Fruit too heavy.
  • Very wet not dry
  • Syrup not removed.
  • Insufficient acid in batter.
  • Too much baking powder.
  • Cake mixture too thin.
  • Fruit added before flour.

Collapsed / Sunken cake (Shape fault)

  • Baking tin disturbed or moved in the oven while baking,
  • Drop in temperature due to frequent opening of the door of oven.
  • Too much liquid, baking powder, under baking.
  • Checking too early for doneness, excess sugar.

Peaked / humped cake (Shape faults)

  • Insufficient fat and excess baking powder.
  • Oven temperature too high.
  • Too small a tin for the batter.
  • Too strong flour, too much egg.

Heavy cake (Structural faults)

  • Too little baking powder, too much flour.
  • Mixture not creamed enough and flour mixed too vigorously, over handling.
  • Oven temperature too low / slow.

Dry and Crumbly cake (Structural faults)

  • Too much baking powder or flour.
  • Not enough fat and liquid.
  • No egg or too little egg.
  • Insufficient egg in relation to fat.

Cracked top (Structural fault)

  • Over baking – Too long in the oven, Oven too hot.
  • Cake tin too small.
  • Too much flour, insufficient liquid.

Sticky top

  • Humidity – crust collects moisture from the air and becomes sticky – especially if they are high in sugar.
  • Insufficient cooling – stored when it still warm.
  • Under baked or oven temperature too low. Thin batter – excess liquid / moistening agent.

Cake sticks to pan

  • Pan / tin not greased and dusted properly.
  • Delay in moulding – cake left in the pan too long.

Coarse texture, holes and tunnels
(Faulty structure and texture)

  • Under baking.
  • Oven too hot.
  • Bad scaling.
  • Insufficient action.

Tender crumb (Faulty Texture)

  • Too much fat in relation to egg.

Discoloured crumb

  • Badly balanced baking powder – excess alkali.

Cake with flat top (Shape fault)

  • Too much baking powder or sugar.
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