Strategies for seed improvement

Strategies for seed improvement

    Exploitation of Hybrid Vigour
    • It is the best approach for varietal increase in production of crops. The area under hybrids is about 27 per cent while their contribution to yield is 40 per cent.
    Description of Notified Varieties
    • The implementation of plant variety protection would necessarily require detailed characterization of all varieties. The variety registration would have on DUS criteria. Efforts are being made to characterize all the crop varieties under seed production chain.
    Enhancement of Seed Replacement Rates
    • The socio-economic status of the farmer does not permit to purchase quality seeds. Therefore the seed replacement rate is very low. The realistic indents and production of breeder seed of different crop varieties by maintaining quality can enhance SRR.
    • Seed Replacement Rate is the rate at which the farmers replace the seeds instead of using their own seeds
    Seed Replacement Rate of major vegetables


    SRR (%)

    Brinjal 63.4
    Cabbage 100
    Cauliflower 86.4
    Chilli 83.7
    Gourds 73.5
    Melons 89.2
    Okra 92.4
    Tomato 99.3
    Beans 62.2
    Onion 87.3
    Peas 93.5
    Others 72.6

    Enhancement of Seed Multiplication Ratio
    • SMR is nothing but the number of seeds to be produced from a single seed when it is sown and harvested, which can be altered by adoption of proper seed and crop management techniques. However, according to expert group of seeds (1989), the seed multiplication ratios for different crops are as follows.
    Crop SMR
    Okra 1:100
    Tomato 1:400
    Brinjal 1:450
    Chillies 1:240
    Watermelon 1:100
    Pumpkin 1:160
    Bittergourd 1:41
    Bottlegourd 1:99
    Ridgegourd 1:83
    Cucumber 1:200
    French bean 1:9
    Clusterbean 1:50
    Peas 1:19
    Onion 1:171
    Radish 1:100
    Carrot 1:83

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