Release of nutrients

Lesson 2: Protein calorie malnutrition

Release of nutrients

  • If the supply from the gut is temporarily inadequate, the reserves release nutrients to the tissues via the blood.

  • If the supply from the gut is temporarily greater than the tissue requirements, nutrients reserves are filled first; and if the supply is still in excess, the balance piles up temporarily in the blood, to be eliminated in most instances in the urine. This accounts for the large urinary excretion of nutrients following test doses if the nutrient reserves are filled and the low urinary excretion of test doses if the reserves are low or depleted.

  • The nutrient reserves of the body continue to supply essential nutrients to the tissues for reasonable periods of time.

  • If however, the nutrient supply continues to be less than the tissue requirements, the reserves will eventually be depleted, and the tissues will be dependent on the daily food supply
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