Puffed products


Lesson 5 : Ready To Eat Breakfast Cereals

Puffed products

Puffed rice from parboiled rice-The rice is soaked in water to increase moisture to 20 per cent. The rice is put into hot sand at 250-270 º C for 30-40 seconds. Rice puffs and it is consumed as snack.

Oven puffing

A sudden transfer of cereal containing super heated steam from a high pressure to a low pressure, thereby allowing the water to vaporize and cause puffing.

  1. Oven puffed rice is produced from parboiled milled rice which is cooked with adjuncts for one hour at 15-18 lb/inch pressure in a rotary cooker until uniformly translucent.
  2. It is dried to 30% moisture content and tempered for 24 hours.
  3. The grain is bumped through smooth rolls and dried to lower moisture content.
  4. It is passed through oven at 300º C. The grain puffs to 5-6 times the original size.
  5. They are cooled and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Gun puffed rice

Parboiled medium grained rice is used with low amylase (waxy rice for gun puffing)

  • A batch of prepared grain is preheated to 521-638ºF and fed to the puffing grain under pressure.
  • The pressure is suddenly released by opening the chamber of puffing gun.
  • The puffed products is dried cooled and packed.
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