Introduction and meaning


Lesson 6 : Pasta Products

Introduction and meaning

Pasta (alimentary pastes) are among the simplest cereal products used in human diet.

Meaning: These include foods such as Spaghetti, macaroni, vermicelli and noodles which are made by mixing wheat semolina from durum wheat with minimum water to form unleavened wheat dough.

  1. In areas where wheat is not available, the local cereal or other starchy foods are used.
  2. Rice is made use for pasta preparation in Asia.
  3. In Italy traditional types of long pastas are made with durum wheat.
  4. Spinach powder or tomato powder is made use in specialty pastas.
  5. Pasta dough is molded (by extrusion) before being cooked, fresh or carefully dried and packaged.
  6. Pasta is included as a part of canned products or frozen convenience meals. The small dried pieces are often included in soups and baby foods.
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