Advantages of Extrusion Technology


Lesson 8 : Extruded Foods

Advantages of Extrusion Technology

Adaptability: It is adaptable in accommodating consumers demand for new foods. A variety of commercially available Indian convenience foods, conventional/traditional foods and snacks can be made with extrusion.

Product characteristics: A variety of sizes, shapes, textures, colors and appearance can be produced. These are not possible in the other production methods.

High product Quality: Since extrusion is high temperature short time, heating process, a high quality and consistency of products can be got. It improves the digestibility of proteins and starches and destroys the anti nutritional factors in food.

Low cost: Extrusion has lower processing cost and saves raw materials, labor cost and capital investment. It requires less space for unit operation, man power and energy cost is low.

High productivity and continuous production.

No waste and effluent generation-Extrusion does not produce waste matter and effluents and no disposal problems.

New foods: Extrusion can modify animal and vegetable proteins and starches and produce unique snack foods.

Therapeutic foods and fabricated foods: Foods such as low calorie, high fibre, high protein and nutritious food supplements can be produced.

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