Channa based sweets


Lesson 9 : Milk Based Products And Mixes

Channa based sweets

Channa or paneer is prepared by heating fresh cows milk to a temperature of 80°C, slowly stirred and rapidly coagulated by adding lactic or citric acid or natural sour whey.

  • Lactic acid gives a granular channa and used for rasgulla making.
  • Citric acid yields plastic product that is used for sandesh.
  • There after it is passes through the kneading machine to give smoothness.

Rasgulla-Are made by gently shaping the channa, followed by immension in flavoured sugar syrup, canning and sterilization.

Rasmalai- Flat dishes of channa immersed in sweetened concentrated milk is Rasmalai.

Sandesh-Is a dry, fairly gritty product, it gets the name through being offered to guests who brought sandesh for good news.

Process: Channa, sugar and flavorings are blended under low heat by heating with a wooden spatula shaped in teak wood mould.

A special flavor and light brown colour are imparted when palm jaggery is added as the sweetening agent.

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