Development in preservation of traditional milk based foods


Lesson 9 : Milk Based Products And Mixes

Development in preservation of traditional milk based foods

Hurdle technology:

  • Hurdle technology is application of prevention technology to over come hurdles.
  • Chemical preservatives, water activity PH, heat treatment, salt treatment are applied in combinations.
  • Such technology is developed for improving the shelf life of ready to eat paneer.

Bio preservatives

  • Some of the bio preservatives can inhibit the growth of molds and yeast in khoa based and channa based sweets.
  • Nisin is used for extending shelf life of canned rasagullas.

Oxygen scavengers:

  • Some desiccants are oxygen absorbers or scavengers. They are added to the products and sealed.
  • Examples are reduced iron, glycerol, ascorbic acid and sorbitols.
  • These help in extending the shelf life of milk based sweets.

Retort pouches

Indigenous milk based sweets can be packed in heat stable flexible pouches and sterilized in retort pouches, the shelf life is extended.

Osmotic dehydration

Osmotic drying in high sugar concentration at high temperature provides long shelf life to rasgullas.

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