Sweet mixes


Lesson 9 : Milk Based Products And Mixes

Sweet mixes

Instant kheer mix (1)

Milk is concentrated by vacuum concentration, added with ground rice flour and part sugar, preheating the slurry for gelatinization of starch and finally spray drying the powder, it is then mixed with ground sugar through dry blending.

Instant kheer mix (2)

  1. Vermicelli is fried at 80-85 °C until brown, cooked in boiling water for 5-8 minutes, drained and dried at 60-65° C to moisture content of 2-3 per cent.
  2. Milk powder , sugar powder, cashew nut and cardamom are mixed .
  3. Some amount of vermicelli powder is added.
  4. It is shelf stable for 6 months at 37°C.
  5. It can be rehydrated at 70-75°C within 10-13 min.
  6. Useful for school children, feeding expeditions and mountaineering.

Gulab jamun mix-

Is ready mix available commercially. Made up of desiccated khoa, skim milk powder and maida, some citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to act as a leavening agent.


Dried ice cream mix

Is produced in same manner as that of spray dried milk.

  1. The mixes are produced by adding cream and fluid milk to give desired fat and serum solid ratios.
  2. The desired mixture is preheated to about 170°F for 20 minutes.
  3. Then concentrated in vacuum.
  4. Stabilizer either sodium alginate, carboxy methyl cellulose or gelatin monogly ceride is added to stabilize the fat.
  5. Sugars such as sucrose, dextrose, corn syrup are added (10-25%) before drying.
  6. After the mixture is concentrated and heated it is homogenized.
  7. The mixture is spray dried to large crystals and cooled.
  8. The remaining portion of sugar is ground and mixed and flavorant is added to cooled product.
  9. Powdered mixes are reconstituted with water and frozen.
  10. The shelf life of ice cream mix is 4 months.

Dried ice cream mix composition



Butter fat


Milk solids not fat



39.5 -44


0.6 -1



Pudding mix

  • The product is prepared by pre treating a tuber starch, such as tapioca, potato or waxy maize with a ether forming reagent in the presence of alkaline medium.
  • An aqueous mixture of pretreated starch, along with a small amount of sugar, is passed between revolving heated drums to bring about gelatinization of the starch and to dry it.
  • A brittle mass is formed which is easily removed from drums and powdered.
  • These are prepared for use by adding water followed in some cases by short period of cooking.

Tea whiteners:

Is a product made by blending skim milk with vegetable fat, milk and vegetable proteins, emulsifiers, stabilizers and vitamin A, which is further homogenized. This can whiten the tea, coffee and is less expensive than milk.

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