Fruit based convenience foods


Lesson 10 : Fruit And Vegetable Based Convenience Foods

Fruit based convenience foods

Fruit toffees:

  • It is made from pulp of fruits such a mango and other fruits along with sugar, milk powder and other ingredients, it is boiled until it sets.
  • Fruit toffees are made in organized sector, there is a potential for cottage scale industry.

Fruit bars:

  • Is concentrated fruit product meant for ready consumption. Any variety of pulpy fruits e.g.; mango, guava, banana, apple etc singly or in combination can be used for manufacture.
  • Fruit bars are very popular due to good shelf life, taste, flavor and texture.
  • They can substitute for canned fruits and have a shelf life of one year.

Fruit Jams and Jellies

  • Fruit pulp is boiled along with sugar to a moderately thick consistency.
  • Popular varieties of jam are pineapple, mango, mixed fruit, straw berry, grape and apricot.
  • Among the jellies guava and apple are popular

  • The product can be used as a bread spread or taken with chapatti and puris.

Improved Murabba making

  • Murabba made from amla, bael, carrot, apple, mango and citrus peel are popular.
  • It is an indigenous sweet preparation of the country.
  • It can be eaten with chapattis.
  • The fruit slices are boiled in sugar syrup.

Tuty Fruity

  • Fruits are used for making preserves and candies
  • The apple, amla, papaya, mango, strawberry, cherry are used for candy and preserve preparation.
  • Tuty fruity is used in bakery products, sweet meats, ice creams, salads and paan.

Osmo air dried fruits

It is a newer method that involves two stages

  • The first phase is removal of water using sugar syrup as osmotic agent. For slices of fruits such as ber, pineapple, mango, jackfruit etc.
  • The second phase is removal of air by drying where the moisture content is reduced to 15 percent.
  • The osmo dehydrated fruits are similar to the fresh fruits in terms of colour, flavor and texture.
  • They can be used in ice creams, fruit salads, kheer, cakes and bakery products.

Grape raisins

  • Dried grapes are used in various food preparations.
  • Manufacture of raisins can be an important industry in grape growing areas.
  • The improved method consists of washing grapes, alkali treatment, sulphitation and drying in sun or dehydration.
  • Any grape variety with high sugar is used. It can generate rural employment.

Dry apricots:

  • The dry apricot is an important item of confection.
  • The fully ripe fruits are placed in wooden chambers where sulphur is burnt at the rate of 4g/kg fruit.
  • Sulphured fruits are dried in solar drier for 5-7 days.
  • The dry fruits are packed in polythene bags.

Fruit juices:

Several fruit juices are now concentrated using vacuum to retain the flavor. They can be reconstituted using chilled water.

Fruit powders:

The fruit juices can be spray dried by addition of foaming agent in small quantities. The powder can be reconstituted very easily in cold water.

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