Grilling or boiling

Lesson 4 : Methods of Food Preparation

Grilling or boiling

Grilling consists of placing the food below or above or in between a red hot surface. When under the heater, the food is heated by radiation only. This results in the browning of food. Then the heat is more slowly conducted through the surface of the food downward. As heating is mostly superficial, grilled foods are usually reversed or rotated. If the food is above the heater, heat is transmitted to the food through convection currents as well as radiations with consequent increased efficiency. Foods cooked by grilling are cob on the corn, papad,brinjal, phulkas, and sweet potato. Barbecues are also made by this method.

The term toasting is used to describe a process by which bread slices are kept under the grill or between the two heated elements to brown from both sides of the bread at the same tome. This can be adjusted to give the required degree of brownness through temperature control.


  • Quick method of cooking.
  • Less or no fat is required.
  • Flavour is improved.


  • Constant attention is required to prevent charring.
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