Intentional Adulteration

Food Standard and Quality Control

Lesson 23: Food Adulteration

Intentional Adulteration

Intentional adulteration is a willful act on the part of the adulterator intended to increase the margin of profit. Intentional adulterants are sand, marble chips, stones mud, chalk powder, water, mineral oil and coal tar dyes. These can adversely affect the quality of the foods
The following are some of the examples for common intentional adulteration found in various foods.

Common Food Adulterants Found In Foods:

Food stuff Adulterant
A) milk and milk products
Milk, liquid Water, refined oil or fat after removal of milk fat, skim milk reconstituted from skim milk powder.
Milk powder starch dextrins
Cream Other fats
Ice cream Non – permitted colour, artificial sweetners, other fats and jelling agents.
Butter and ghee Hydrogenated fats
B) vegetable oils and fats
Vanaspati Animal fat and other high melting fats
Vegetable oils Argemone oil, mineral oil, cheap non
edible oils
C) spices and condiments
Whole turmeric Coating with lead chromate or coal tar dye
Turmeric powder Coal tar color, yellow earth, starch or talc coloured yellow with coal tar dye.
Curry powder Starch coloured brown with coal tar dye
Coriander seed Other seeds colored green
Coriander seed powder Powdered bran or saw dust coloured with dye
Chilli powder Starch coloured red with coal tar dye
Mustard seed Argemone seeds
Cumin seed Artificial cumin seed like product
Black pepper Dried papaya seeds
Asafetida Resins and other plant gums
D) cereals
Wheat and rice Stones
Wheat lour Tapioca flour, talc, chalk powder
Semolina Tapioca semolina
E) pulses
Bengal gram dhal Kesari dhal
Red gram dhal Kesari dhal colored with yellow with dye
Bengal gram flour Tapioca flour or starch colored yellow with dye
F) sweetening agents and soft drinks
Honey Colored invert syrup
Soft drinks Artificial sweeteners (saccharin), mineral acid other than phosphoric acid.
G) Beverages
Coffee powder Exhausted coffee powder, starch, roasted dated and tamarind seeds
Tea Other leaves with added color
H) miscellaneous

Processed arecanut Other seeds or nuts broken and coloured.


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