Other Mycotoxins

Food Toxicology 2(2+0)
Lesson 15 : Fungal Mycotoxins

Other Mycotoxins

Mycotoxin Source

Cyclopiazonic acid

Cheese, grains, peanuts
Kojic acid Grains
3-Nitropropionic acid Sugarcane
Citreoviridin Rice
Cytochalasins Corn, cereal grains
Sterigmatocystin Corn
Penicillinic acid Corn, dried beans, grains
Rubratoxins Corn

Removal of toxin

Degradation: AFB1 and AFB2 can be reduced in corn by bisulfite. When dried figs were spiked with 250ppb of AFB1 , 1% sodium bisulfate effected a 28.2% reduction in 72h; 0.2% H202 (added 10mm before sodium bisulfite) effected 65.5% reduction; heating at 450C to 650C for 1 h 68.4%; and UV radiation effected a 45.7% reduction. Aflatoxin-contaminated cottonseed treated with ammonia and fed to cows led to lower levels of AFB1 and AFM1 in milk than nontreated product. When yellow dent corn naturally contaminated with 1,600ppm aflatoxin was treated with 3% NaOH at 1000C for 4min, further processed and fried, 99% of the aflatoxin was destroyed.

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