Oral rehydration salt solution

Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition 3(2+1)
Lesson 22:Diarrhoea- causes, complications

Oral rehydration salt solution

for prolonged diarrhoea and dehydration

Composition of ORS (WHO)

Components Amount g/lit
Glucose 20 (90 mEqNa )
Sodium chloride 3.5 (20mEqK)
citrate 2.9 (80 mEq CI)
Sodium carbonate 2.5 (30 mEq C03 )
Potassium chloride 5

For 1 yr child 1000 ml/24 hrs

  1. Continue breast feeding during attack of diarrhoea as it
    • Aids in recovery of nutrients and rehydration capacity
    • Prevents further infection
  2. The bowel should not be rested
  3. Avoid milk and other lactose containing products for a day or two
  4. Milk should be diluted with equal volume of boiled and cooled water and feed along with ORS till diarrhoea stops
  5. Fermented milk with S. haemophilus and L. bulgaricus reduces growth of bacteria
  6. As the child develops PEM, give easily digestible, nutritionally balanced diet
  7. Rice based solutions potato, millet, maize and other cereal flours
  8. For older infants well cooked milled cereal with lentils preferred
  9. Mashed bananas
  10. Iso osmolar diets
  11. Little oil and fats
  12. Precooked and amylase rich food

In chronic diarrhoea

  • Low milk- milk free- starch free diet in succession
  • Usage of ORT
  • Avoiding inappropriate antibiotics
  • Supplementation of vitamin A, zinc and folic acid
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