Intestinal gas and flatulence

Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition 3(2+1)

Intestinal gas and flatulence

Flatulence is the state of having excessive stomach or intestinal gas. This can result in uncomfortable feeling of bloating, as well as increased belching (burping) or passing of gas from the rectum. It is found to be common in all people.

Most people produce about 1-3 pints of gas per day.

Ulcerative colitis starts in the rectum and progress in a retrograde fashion.

Source: Mahan Kathleen L. and Sylvia Escott-stump, 2000, Krause's Food Nutrition and diet therapy, WB Saunders Company Philadelphia, USA.

Consumption of large amounts of dietary fibre (especially soluble fibre), resistant starch, and lactose in persons who are lactase deficient or modest amounts of alcohol sugars such as sorbitol may result in increased gas production in the colon and increased flatulence. Consumption of unusual amounts of fructose or even sucrose may also result in increased amounts of faecal substrate. Legumes produce flatus or gas due to the presence of stachyose and raffinose.

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