Nutrition for Special Groups 3(3+0)

Lesson 42 : Trauma


Trauma is a stressful event caused by either a mechanical or a chemical injury. Depending on its level, trauma can have serious short-term and long-term consequences. The role of healthy nutrition, both in promoting healing and in avoiding complications associated with trauma, has long been acknowledged in trauma recovery.

Trauma varies in intensity, ranging from serious burns or traffic accidents to the gradual, cumulative trauma that occurs with repetitive overuse of muscles and joints (such as strenuous weight lifting). Minor injuries are relatively frequent, often being no more than minor irritants. However, any traumatic event, even a minor one, affects the body's natural metabolic balance and initiates a cascade of reactions aimed at repair and restoration of function.

Examples of traumatic events may include:

  • natural disaster
  • catastrophe caused by human error
  • catastrophe caused by failed equipment
  • physical or sexual assault; rape
  • robbery/mugging
  • serious motor vehicle accident
  • witnessed violence, injury or death
  • combat, torture or imprisonment
  • threats of harm to self or loved ones; stalkings
  • domestic violence and physical abuse
  • fire and burn survivors
  • destruction of one's home
  • life-threatening illnesses and treatments
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