Course Outline

Module 1: Cereal grains, legumes and oilseeds

Lesson 1. Introduction to cereal grains, legumes and oilseeds: Structure and composition of cereal grains, legumes and oilseeds

Module 2
: Cereal processsing

Lesson 2. Rice milling and parboiling: Rice quality and grading standards
Lesson 3. Processed rice products and by-products
Lesson 4. Milling of wheat
Lesson 5. Criteria of wheat flour quality, Improvers for wheat flour, types of wheat flour
Lesson 6. Corn: Classification, dry milling and wet milling
Lesson 7. Barley: Classification, malting and processing
Lesson 8. Millets: Types and processing
Lesson 9. Breakfast cereals: Classification and technologies
Lesson 10. Malted milk foods

Module 3
: Bakery and snack foods

Lesson 11. Technology of bread making
Lesson 12. Technology of biscuit making
Lesson 13. Technology of cake making
Lesson 14. Technology of pasta products

Module 4
: Pulse processing

Lesson 15. Methods of pulse milling – Wet and dry method, Domestic and commercial milling
Lesson 16. Roasted, germinated, fermented and canned legume products

Module 5
: Oilseed processing

Lesson 17. Dehulling and extraction of oil from oilseeds, Processing of vegetable oil, Processing and utilization of oilseed meals
Lesson 18. Processing of soybean and other oilseeds; dairy analogues

Module 6
: Meat and poultry processing

Lesson 19. Present status and prospects of meat, poultry, egg and fish production in India
Lesson 20. Pre-slaughter handling and inspection of animals
Lesson 21. Slaughtering techniques and post-mortem inspections
Lesson 22. Rigor mortis: Biochemical and histological changes
Lesson 23. Processing of meat
Lesson 24. Poultry meat and its processing
Lesson 25. Hygiene and sanitation in meat and poultry industry

Module 7
: Egg and egg processing

Lesson 26. Egg: Structure, composition and quality
Lesson 27. Processing of egg

Module 8
: Fish and its processing

Lesson 28. Fish harvesting, handling and transportation; classification
Lesson 29. Processing and preservation of fish; value added fishery products

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