Merits & Demerits of Mass Pedigree Method

Merits & Demerits Mass Pedigree Method
  1. This method takes 14-15 years to release a variety while bulk method takes much longer time (15-16 years).
  2. The breeding values of selected plants are ascertained by progeny test.
  3. Therefore, pedigree selection is based on genotypic value rather than phenotype value.
  4. Pedigree method provides information about the mode of inheritance of different oligogenic characters which is not possible by other breeding method.
  5. There is chance of recovering transgressive segregants by pedigree method.


  1. The selected materials become so large that handling of the same becomes very difficult.
  2. Because large number of progenies is rejected in this method, there are chances of elimination of some valuable materials.
  3. Records have to be maintained for all the selected plants and progeny which take lot of valuable time of a breeder.

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