Q. No1. Fill in the blanks
1. Marginal yellowing and rotting of the roots is prominent in -----caused by -----.
2. Warm humid conditions favours -----------disease in crossandra
3. The hyphae of Sclerotium is -------- and characterized by presence of -------connections.
4. Sclerotium sp. over winters in the form of ------------.
5. Soil solarization is helpful for the control of ------------diseases.
6. Pratylenchus sp nematode is associated with ---------- disease in crossandra.
7. Cottony growth of the fungus of crossandra is observed in the ------- region.
8. Addition of neem cake in soil reduces the infection caused by --------and soil fungi.
9. Botrytis appears generally in ---------season
10. ---------- is the causal agent of blight of crossandra.

Answers : 1. Wilt and Fusarium solani. 2. Bortytis spot and blight 3. Septate and clamp
4. Sclerotia 5. Soil borne 6. Fusarium wilt 7. Collar 8. Nematodes 9. Rainy 10. Botrytis elliptica

Q.No 2. Select right answers from the following questions

1. Clamp connection is common with
a. Fusarium sp. b. Sclerotium sp. c. Rhizoctonia sp.
2. On maturity the species of Fusarium produces
a. Apothecia b.Oospores c. Chamydospores
3. The conidia of which fungus are formed in bunches
a. Botrytis sp. b. Alternaria sp. c. Septoria sp.
4. Thiram is used as soil drench for controlling disease
a. Wilt b. Leaf spot c. Die-back
5. Rhizoctonia and Fusarium sp. infections are more aggressive with
a. Aphids b. White flies c. Nematodes
6. Soil amendments usually are effective to eradicate the infection caused by
a. Nematodes b. Mosaic c. Mollicute
7. Inflorescence is affected generally in disease
a. Powdery mildew b. Die-back c. Crown rot
8. Zineb fungicides is effective to control which disease in crossandra
a. Leaf spot and Blight b. Rhizoctonia wilt c. Sclerotium wilt
9. The fungus affect the roots and crown region in which disease
a. Rhizoctonia wilt b. Sclerotium wilt c. Stem rot
10. Sclerotia are mustard shaped and glossy in fungus
a. Sclerotium rolfsi b. Fusarium solani c. Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Answers: 1b. 2 c 3a 4a 5c 6 a 7a 8 c 9 b 10 a

Q.No3. Write short note on the diseases of crossandra
Q.No4. Write symptoms and control measures of following diseases
a) Botrytis spot and blight
b) Sclerotium wilt
c) Fusarium wilt
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