Meaning of Audio-Visual aids

Audio-Visual AIDS

  • The term audio-visual aid has a specific meaning. Literally, audio refers to sound waves that can normally be heard by the human ear. However, in the present contest it implies relating to hearing. Similarly, the term visual implies relating to sense of receiving. The expression aids implies those instructional devices or teaching aids which makes teaching more effective.
  • Audio –visual aids are those instructional devices that may be used by a teacher or a communicator in order to facilitate better understanding on the part of learners by involving their many senses, particularly those relating to seeing and hearing. There is also a saying that a learner remembers 10 % of what he hears. 50 % of what he sees, and 90 % of what he hears, sees and does. This also explains the obvious emphasis on seeing and hearing in the use of audio visual aids.
      1. These aids are only to assist the communication in his job of better teaching. They are not meant to replace him.
      2. For using these aids, the emphasis is on non verbal experiences.
      3. Use of these aids involves many senses of the learners, particularly those relating to seeing and hearing.
      4. Audio –Visual aids do not include text books nor do they imply all teaching materials, teaching methods, or teaching techniques.
      5. Inclusions of audio-visual aids is not fundamental in a teaching –learning situations, they should not be used to decorate the learning situation. Their use is justified only if they contribute to effective learning.
    The Proper Nomenclature
  • Audio –visual aids has been called by different names eg: Instructional aides, multisensory materials, aid to perceptual learning, audio-visual education, audio visual aids etc. The terms instructional aides, multisensory materials and aids to perceptual learning are too broad and general and may includes many other aids or materials useful for teaching, but not generally referred to as audio-visual aids. There is no such thing as audio –visual aids for us.
  • These aids are meant to assist the teacher in developing a better learning on the part of the learner. Audio-visual materials may also refer to materials such as colourred papers, pencils etc. that may be used in the preparation of audio –visual aids. Audio visual techniques again refer to the various techniques employed by a teacher in the effective use of an audio-visual aid.

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