As a content creator for the course entitled "Fundamentals of Extension Education (1+1)", It is my great privilage to acknowledge whole heartedly for their help and support received by

    • Moderator: Dr. M. Asokan, Associate Professor (Agricultural Extension), TNAU, Coimbatore-3.
    • Peer Reviewer: Dr. A. Bheemappa, Associate professor, Department of Agricultural extension education, College of Agriculture, UAS, Dharwad; and Dr D D Sharma, Professor of Extension Education, Dept of Social Science, college of Forestry, Dr.Y.S.P.U.H.F., Nauni, Solan, H. P
    The effort's were made to quote the sources, references and other materials which have been used in this course, however these course contents are strictly and purely meant for the use of the student community, teaching and research fraternity of Horticultural/Agricultural Sciences all over the globe in general and India in particular, we also thank all the other scientists/teachers and sources whose contributions we might have unwittingly infringed and to whom we might have failed to convey our acknowledgement and gratitude
      Mr. A.T. Krishnamurthy
      Assistant Professor of Agril. Extension,
      College of Horticulture, Mudigere-577 132,
      Chikmagalur District (Karnataka)
      Mobile: 09845657743

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