Difference between sound and noise pollution

Lesson 18: Noise pollution

Difference between sound and noise pollution

The minimum sound of 50 db which we can listen pleasantly is called sound. The sound which is above 95 db and also which causes irritation to listen is called noise pollution.

Source of noise pollution

  1. The main contributes to noise are factories and industries, transportation (air, rail and road), community and religious activities.
  2. The chief man made sources in urban areas are automobiles, factories, industries, trains, airplanes.
  3. Noise makes are horns, sirens, lawn movers, musical instruments, TV, Radio, Transistors, Telephone, Dogs, Loudspeakers, Cookers, Vaccum Cleaner etc.
  4. Noise is invisible form cause adverse effects on human beings, particularly in the urban ecosystem. Most leading sources of noise will include vehicles, industrial plants, consumer products, vessels, loud speakers etc.
  5. This sound not is an exaggeration to say that we Indians are a noise people and every sentiment and occasion is manifested in a noisy manner, election and a family.

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