5.1.2. Humoral Antibody System (B cells)

Unit 5- Specific defence mechanism in Fish
5.1.2. Humoral Antibody System (B cells)
Humoral antibody uses B cells where the B cells differentiate into antibody producing Plasma cells and Memory cells. Series that involved in stimulating B cells to produce antibody are:-
Antigen presentation
The antigen-presenting macrophages recognize the pathogen (e.g., virus) engulf the pathogen, digests it and displays antigen on their surface. The processing involves proteolysis, which presumably occurs within acidic subcellular compartments. These macrophages display residual foreign antigen on the cell membrane and this is l0 times more effective than unbound antigen in promoting immune response.
On the other hand, other viral particles infect nearby host cells.
The macrophages also secrete a protein called interleukin- 1 (IL- 1) which activates the helper-T cells. Besides macrophage, the B cell also acts as antigen presenting cell due to its antigen-binding receptor.

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