Lottery Method Lottery Method

This is a very popular method of taking a random sample. Under this method, all items of the universe are numbered or named on separate slips of paper of identical size and shape. These slips are then folded and mixed up in a container or drum. A blindfold selection is then made of the number of slips required to constitute the desired sample size. The selection of items thus depends entirely on chance. The method would be quite clear with the help of an example. If we want to take a sample of 10 persons out of a population of 100, the procedure is to write the names of all the 100 persons on separate slips of paper, fold these slips, mix them thoroughly and then make a blindfold selection of 10 slips.

The above methods is very popular in lottery draws where a decision about prizes is to be made. However, while adopting lottery method it is absolutely essential to see that the slips are of identical size, shape and colour, otherwise there is a lot of possibility of personal prejudice and bias affecting the results.

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