Class limits Class limits

The class limits are the lowest and the highest values that can be included in the class. For example, take the class 20-40. The lowest value of the class is 20 and the highest is 40. The two boundaries of class are known as the lower limit and the upper limit of the class. The lower limit of a class is the value below which there can be no item the class. The upper limit of a class is the value above which no item can belong to that class. Of the class 70-89, 70 is the lower limit and 89 is the upper limit, i.e. in this class there can be no value which is less than 70 or more than 89. Similarly, if we take the class 90 – 109, there can be no value in that class which is less than 90 or more than 109.

Last modified: Wednesday, 21 March 2012, 7:02 AM