5.1.1 Significance of diagrams and graphs

5.1.1 Significance of diagrams and graphs

Diagrams and graphs are extremely useful because of the following reasons :

1. They give a bird’s eye view of the entire data and, therefore, the information presented can be easily understood. It is a fact that as the number and magnitude of figures increases they become more confusing and their analysis tends to be more strenuous. Pictorial presentation helps in proper understanding of the data as it gives an interesting form to it. The old saying ‘A picture is worth 10,000 words’ is very true. The mind through the eye can more readily appreciate the significance of figures in the form of pictures than it can follow the figures themselves.

2. They are attractive to the eye. Figures are dry but diagrams delight the eye. For this reason diagrams create greater interest than cold figures. Thus, while going through journals and newspapers, the readers generally skip over the figures but most of them do look at the diagrams and graphs. Since diagrams have attraction value, they are very popular in exhibitions, fairs, conferences, board meetings and public functions.

3. They have a great memorizing effect. The impressions created by diagrams last much longer than those created by the figures presented in a tabular form.

4. They facilitate comparison of data relating to different periods of time of different regions. Diagrams help one in making quick and accurate comparison of data. They bring out hidden fact and relationship and can stimulate as well as aid analytical thinking and investigation.

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