1.3.2.Groups and its importance

1.3.2.Groups and its importance

Man is not only a rational being but also a social being. He is a group animal. It is impossible to think of human life without group life, as our relations with other people occur with in a group. The group ranging in size from two persons to indefinite number is the central unit of society.

The following three terms are to visualize to see how groups can be used and differ from one another and widely used to designate a collection of items includes; ; category, aggregation and a social group.

1. Category

It is a collective of items that have atleast one common charecteristics that distinguishes them from other items which have other charecteristics in common. This term is generally used for any plan of classification to aviod confusion.

2. Aggregation

It is a collection of individuals in physical proximity of one another. There may be some interaction between the individuals in an aggregation, but it is generally of a temporary nature and lacks definite pattern of organization.

3. Social group

It is a collection of two or more individuals, in which there are psychological interactions and reciprocal roles based upon durable contacts, shared norms and interests, distinctive patterns odf collective behavior and structural organization of leadership and fellowship.

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