1.5.1 Leaderships

1.5.1 Leaderships

Within the power structure of any society, certain vital individuals operate within groups to promote, stimulate, guide or otherwise influence the members to action. Such activity has been called as leadership and the individuals have been refered to as to leaders. What makes these individuals distinctive is their role in the group, their influence and their possession of social power.

Leadership is the process where by an individual directs, guides and influences the thoughts, feelings and behaviour of other human beings. Hariman.

Leadership is the process of influencing the behaviour of the individual in a given situation. Dahama and Bhatnagar

Leadership is an effort to direct the behaviour of others towards a particular end.

Birendrakumar and Ha

The basic elements in leadership are : (i) the leader (ii) the followers .

(iii) the situation – the cultural context (iv) the task – the activities to be performed for achieving the desired goals.

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