1.7.1.Social Problems

1.7.1.Social Problems

According to Weinberg (1960) Social Problems are behaviour patterns which arise from Social processes and are considered so objectionable by many members of a society that they recognize that corrective policies, programmes and services are necessary to cope with them.

3.1. Characteristics of Social Problems

- All Social problems are situations which have injurious consequences for


- All Social problems are derivation from ideal situation.

- All Social problems have common basis of origin.

- All Social problems are social in origin.

- All Social problems are caused by pathological social conditions.

- All Social problems are interconnected.

- All Social problems are social in their result that is they affect all section

of society.

- The responsibility for social problems is social, that is, they require

collective approach for their solution.

- Social problems are occur in all societies.


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