1.8.2.Causes for Excess Capacity

1.8.2.Causes for Excess Capacity

Over capacity and resource use conflicts are intricately linked. There are social factors that bring about over capacity, which, in turn leads to various negative impacts.

Some of the major types of conflictsexperienced in fisheries are listed below. 1.Conflicts brought about by composition for access to resource

2.Conflicts between fishers and local authority arising mainly from leasning / selling fishing grounds.

3.Conflicts between fishers and land owners due to land conversion for agriculture and water extraction.

4.Conflicts between provincial fisheries officers and local influencial people who allegedly try to protect illegal fishers.

5.Conflicts between local fishers and outside fishers due to resource use competition and the outsiders who use illegal gears.

6.Conflicts between local fishers and foreign fishers (due to poaching and foreign fishers using modern fishing gears).

7.Conflicts between fishers and seaweed cultivators as the latter restrict the formers fishing area.

8. Conflicts between fishers and aqua farmers

9.Conflicts between fish farmers and lotus farmers as due to the latter’s activity, area is affected due to sedimentation.

10.Institutional conflicts due to unclear demarcation of responsibilities among fisheries management bodies.

11. Environment conflicts especially when dam building in one country poses threat in another country.

12.Ethnic group conflicts are often associated with competitions for fishing grounds.

13.Competition from multiple users of resources as witnessed in leasing out of public tanks for fish culture which brings about conflicts among agriculturists , fish farmers and the local community.

14. Conflicts among the different categories of fisherfolk with regards to fishing grounds and the types of gears used for capture.

15. Conflicts due to crossing over into the territorial waters of neighbouring countries when the they are separated by narrow strips of sea as often witnessed in the palk Bay region in India.

16. Conflicts due to the implementation of 45- days fishing ban during different seasons in the neighbouring states.

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