Learning Objective

Learning Objective

To enable the the students to understand the basic aspects of psychology , importance of educational and social psychology in extension service, the concepts of behavior , learning and learning theories and factors affecting learning which includes intelligence and motivation.

The term psychology was derived from Greek : psyche meaning soul and logos meaning science . Hence , about 2500 years before, it was referred to as the science of soul. Then , in the 20th centuary , psychology assumed scientific look and it became the science of mental behavior .Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior. There are many branches in psychology and the number is increasing. But for extension personnel, knowledge on educational psychology and social psychology is important.

Educational Psychology deals with behaviour of human beings in educational situations. It is concerned with the study of human behaviour or the human personality – its growth, development and guidance, under the social process of education.

Social Psychology is a branch of psychology which is developed out of sociology and cultural anthropology. It deals with the study of individual as a member of a group and relation of groups to one another. It studies the emergence of social behaviour.

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