2.1.2.Scope of Educational Psychology in Extension Education

2.1.2.Scope of Educational Psychology in Extension Education

1. Educational Psychology studies limitations and qualities of individual’s Psychical capacity, intelligence, aptitude, interests etc. ,which play a major role in one’s learning.

2. Helps in improving teaching and learning. Helps is formulating training programmes for organizing good learning situation.

3. Helps to have better education through evolution of syllabi , preparation of text books and development of exam patterns etc. for different levels of education.

4. Attempts to discover the source of knowledge, belief, customs and to trace the development thinking and learning so as to find the kind of environmental stimulation that produces certain type of activity.

5. Will help extension workers to find causes for prejudices the habit of sticking to old practices and ways of doing things and factors affecting motivation.

6. Helps the Extension workers to know the emotion and feeling of farmers, how villagers / farmers learn new practices and what type of approaches to be adopted and teaching methods to be followed.

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