2.1.5.The S-R Mechanism Involves the Following

2.1.5.The S-R Mechanism Involves the Following

1. Receptors : Means sense organs through which stimuli are received. Receptors are sensory cells specialized for sensitivity to environmental stimulation.

2. Effectors : They are the parts of body by which man’s actions to objects or persons are performed. They are also called as motor organs or organs of response. Any kind of movement is possible only through these effectors. Effectors include muscles and glands.

3. Connectors: These connect receptors and effectors. They are the nervous system which control the response.

4. Sensation: These are the gateways of knowledge. They are the simplest mental activities of man. A sensation is the awareness of a quality of an object that stimulates any sense organ. There are may kinds of sensations and sense organs. Each sensation is important and each has particular sense organ.

5. Attention : It is the process of attening to a series of stimuli from among many stimuli which are within the range of the individual.

6. Perception: Perception is the process of understanding a sensation, that is , attaching meanings to sensation based on past experience to signs.

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