2.3.1.Learning Situation

2.3.1.Learning Situation

A learning situation is a condition or environment in which all the elements necessary for promoting learning viz. (i) Instructor (ii) Learner (iii) Subject matter (iv) Physical facilities and (v) Teaching materials and equipment, are present to facilitate learning process.

Instructor Subject matter


Teaching equipments Physical facilities

1. Instructor: should

 Have clear objective

 Know the subject matter and have it well organised

 Be enthusiastic and interested in the subject

 Be able to communicate with the learners

 Allow students participation

 Use a teaching plan

 Be successful in the use of teaching materials and equipments

2. Learner: should

 have need for information

 be interested

 capable of learning

3. Subject matter

 Pertinent to the learners’ needs

 Applicable to real life situation

 Challenging, satisfying and significant to the learner

 Fits into over all objective

 Valid and correct.

4. Physical facilities

 To be adequate

 Free from outside distractions

5. Teaching Equipment and Supplies

 Meet the needs effectively

 Readily available

 Easy to handle

 Flexibility in using

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