2.4.2.Factors Affecting Intelligence

2.4.2.Factors Affecting Intelligence

1. Heredity and environment : Heredity provides the physical body to be developed with some capabilities. Environment provides for the maturation and training of the organism.

2. Age : Studies show that maximum intelligence quotient is attained at about 20 years and remain relatively stable until around to 70 and decreases afterwards.

3. Health and physical development have a significant role in intlligence.

4. Sex: Studies reveal that boys are supposed to excel in more abstract areas of learning such as mathematics and physical science. Men are supposed to be more mechanical than women. Girls excel in material that deal more directly with humanities.

5. Race: There is no convincing evidence to show how far race is a factor in determining intellectual level.

6. Culture : Culture influences the intelligence of the individual to a certain degree.

7. Social and economic conditions: No direct relationship observed.

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