(1) The desire for security-economic, social, psychological and spiritual security. Man wants protection for his physical being-food, clothing, and shelter. Security also means security within a group. It may also mean an adequate reserve of wealth to secure more material things in the future. The wish for security may also be satisfied by spiritual beliefs hold and by the individual feeling that he has a chance of going to a desirable locale (heaven) after death. In fact, in history, all cultures have put emphasis on security.

(2) The desire for affection or response – companionship, gregariousness, and social – mindedness; the need for a feeling of belonging.

(3) The desire for recognition: status, prestige, achievement, and being looked up to. Each individual feels the need to be considered important by his fellowmen.

(4) The desire for new experience – adventure, new interests, new ideas, new friends, and new ways of doing things. Some people primarily want the thrill of something new, something different.

(5) Organic needs: Organic needs like sex, hunger and thirsty are also very important for human beings.

The above five categories represent all the powerful motivation forces stated in a general way.

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