UNIT III -Technology Transfer

UNIT III -Technology  Transfer

1.Technology – definitions and characters and transfer of technology

1.1.: Technology :       Technology refers to ways of making or doing things. It is derived from the Greek word “ techne” meaning art or craft and “logia” meaning area of study.

A technology is a design for instrumental action that reduces the uncertainty in the cause-effect relationships involved in achieving a desired outcome. A technology usually has two components: i) a hardware aspect consisting of tool that embodies the technology as material or physical objects, ii) a software aspect consisting of information base for the tool. According to Yotopoulos and Nugent (1976) a technology is a body of knowledge that can be applied in productive process.

     Chattopadhyay (1976) pointed out the three attributes of a technology which will make it acceptable to farmers as: i) economic viability ,ii) suitability and iii) conformity with the socio-economic attributes of farmers . Anderson (1979) suggested that a technology must be tested in three conditions of : i) resource appropriateness ii) needs appropriateness and iii) goal appropriateness.



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