Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skill 3(2+1): All participants


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Module- 1. Assessing Overall Business Environment In Indian Economy, Globalization, Implications of Social, Political and Economical Systems on Entrepreneurship

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Module 2. Concept of entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial and managerial characteristics;managing an enterprise;motivation and entrepreneurship development;importance of planning,monitoring,evaluation and follow up

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Module 3. Managing competition; entrepreneurship development programs; SWOT analysis; Generation, incubation and commercialization of ideas and innovations

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Module 4. Government schemes and incentives for promotion of entrepreneurship

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Module 5. Venture capital; Contract farming and joint ventures, public-private partnerships; Characteristics of Indian farm machinery industry; Social Responsibility of Business

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Module 6. Meaning and process of communication, verbal and nonverbal communication; listening and note taking.

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Module 7. Note taking and notemaking.

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Module 8.Individual and group presentations, impromptu presentation, public speaking Group discussion; Organizing seminars and conferences

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