Planting time,Spacing and alignment

Planting time, Spacing and alignment

    Planting time
  • May –June = In well drained soils /Low rainfall areasarc
  • August – September = In clay soils subject to water logging/ In heavy rainfall areas.
    Spacing and alignment
  • Different methods of planting, viz., Square, rectangular and quincunx are in vogue. Aligning in N-S direction and planting on quincunx systemor square system lowers the incidence of sun scorch.
  • Spacing = 2.7 m x 2.7 m
  • Arecanut needs adequate protection from Southwestern sun (October to Jan.) to minimize sun scorching of the stem. This can be attained by ;
    1. North South line should be deflected at an angle of 35 º towards west.
    2. Growing of tall and quick growing ever green perennial shade trees on western and southern borders. Eg. Acacia auriculiformis, Jack, Kokum, neem, Casurina, Pongamia etc.
    3. Tying of areca leaves or areca leaf sheath on the south western exposed portions of stem.
    4. White washing with lime slurry.

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