I. Ripe nut harvesting for chali/ Kottapak preparation

Ripe nut harvesting for chali/ Kottapak preparation

  • From blooming to maturity it takes 9 to 11 months and these nuts are harvested (Usually from November to March ) , sundried and dehusked to prepare chali.
  • Stage of harvesting for chali : Ripe nuts i.e., when green nuts turn orange yellow and husk becomes soft.
  • Duration from blooming to maturity/ripening in arecanut = 8 to 11 months.
  • Ripe nut processing in arecanut (Kottapak) i.e., chali (dried ripe nut) : It is dried ripe whole nut. In chali preparation only ripe nuts are harvested.
  • The out turn of Patora or Koka (lower grade produce) will be more if unripe nuts are harvested, which will fetch low price in the market.
  • Fully ripe nuts are harvested ( more than 9 months stage of maturity depending on the agro climatic conditions ) from November to February and are sudried for about 40 to 45 days? Dried arecanuts are dehusked . Proper drying of the nuts is important to prevent fungal infection of the nuts in the drying yard.
  • Chali preparation is mainly in Kerala, Karnatakam Assam and Maharastra
    Characters of good Kottapak
    1. Absence of immature nuts,
    2. Absence of surface cracking
    3. Absence of husk sticking
    4. Free from fungus and insect attack : Inadequate/improper drying leads to fungal infection and poor quality produce.
    5. Good cutting feel, inside structure and taste

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