Post natal causes

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 18 : Mental Retardation

Post natal causes

  1. Infections and intoxicants:
    1. Lead poisoning: causes seizures, brain damage, disorders of central nervous system
    2. Meningitis : viral infection. It causes damage to the brain cover.
    3. Encephalitis: inflammation of the brain tissue. It causes damage to central nervous system.
  2. Environmental factors:
    1. Nutritional problems
    2. Adverse living conditions
    3. Inadequate health care
    4. Lack of early cognitive stimulation
    5. Child abuse and neglect
    6. Accidents
    7. Interactions between environmental, and genetic or biological contributions.

According to Doll there are 2 kinds of causes

  1. Endogenous-is the result of “hereditary transmission of Psycho-biological insufficiency
  2. Exogenous- Pathological alterations of normal development

According to Devanport there are seven categories of causes based on developmental stages.

  1. Defects arising in the Germ plasma
  2. Defects resulting during fertilization of the Egg.
  3. Defects connected with implantation,
  4. Defects arising in the Embryo,
  5. Defects arising in the Fetus,
  6. Problems due to birth injuries
  7. Defects arising in infancy and later childhood.
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